An Incomplete List Of All The Things I’m Going To Miss When The World Is No Longer:
Book, Music, Lyrics by Dante Green
Additional Music & Lyrics Marlee Gordon & Lyell Hintz

Following a global announcement of the date and time all life on Earth will be terminated, a group of friends decide the only reasonable thing to do is throw one more rager. An Incomplete List... invites you to the last shit show of the year to celebrate and mourn the delights and deceptions of the human experience. We’ve all been through our own special kind of nightmare, so we figured what better way to go out but with a bang. Come as you are and take what you will, cause when it’s over, it’s over.

An Incomplete List… had a production in Polyphone Festival in March 2019 and in ANTFEST at Ars Nova in June 2019

with BJ Thompson, Lincoln Millard, Tori Rodriguez, Julia Fegles, Trey Krause, YoonJung Park, Alex Werthauer, Adam Butz Weidner, Hallie Nowicki, Mary Callahan, Eli Melmon, Jon McDermott, Maddie Barton, Layne Lazor, Anna Schneider, Erisa Pikuli, Madeline Kreitzberg, Bella Maine, and Cameren Sullivan
sound design & music direction | Dante Green
additional sound design | Amanda Hanna
choreography | Shavon Norris
dramaturgy | Amy Dugas-Brown
lights | Natalie Robin
costumes | Julie Padovan
set coordinator | Angela Toich
props | Cole Supsic
Polyphone Festival @ University of the Arts in The Wilma Theater, March 2019

with Aigner Mizzelle, Alex Bechtel, Leigha Kato, Dante Green, Patrick Campbell, Cami Pileggi, Briyana D. Clarel, Steven Elijah Primero, and Terran Scott
sound & music direction | Dante Green
projections | Lyell Hintz
lights | Larry Barnes
stage manager & assistant director | Rose Slavin