BLK MLK (Black Milk) (in development)
created by Garrett Allen and Kyle Lopez

Garrett Allen and Kyle Lopez’s Blackmilk—stylized BLK MLK—employs live and video performance to explore how we exist as Black, queer men (or masc-identified folks) in our era of increasingly-complicated identity politics, though an outlandish, multi-sensory, weblike series of episodic questionings. On the 30th anniversary of Tongues Untied, Allen & Lopez draw upon the seminal Marlon Riggs film, QPOC-centered party spaces, & Jay-Z in pursuit of divining what complete belonging and self-affirming love might feel like beyond a world that demands your segmentation.

BLK MLK had a developmental production at Spectrum NYC, May 2019

with Darby Davis, Nile Harris, Aaron Ricks, Basit Shittu, Marcus “Zebra” Smith, and Zhetut
sound + video | Garrett Allen
lights | Garrett Allen and Dan Prosky