a concert with Dionne Slay

Dionne Slay Obama is the Eldest daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama. The former president and First Lady conceived Dionne Slay out of wedlock while attending Harvard Law which is why her existence remains our nations best kept secret. Dionne Slay is an elusive chanteuse, artist, and activist based in Brooklyn, NY. Her mission is to spread joy and empowerment through song and dance while using her voice to advocate and liberate female and LGBTQ+ people around the globe. “Slaychella” is not a homecoming, but it is Dionne Slay’s official coming out party! Join Dionne and her Slayers as they pay homage to her past, whilst reminding the world that the Future is female

The Laguardia Performing Arts Center, July 2019

starring Dionne Slay (Basit Shittu)
directed by Garrett Allen and Scott F. Davis
music direction | Alex Bradford
with Lex Nordlinger (drums), Michael Robinson (bass), Josh Allen (guitar)
lights | Tanner Simpson
video and projections | Garrett Allen