The Wonderful World of Dissocia

Lisa Jones feels out of sync with the world. After a delayed transatlantic flight leaves her missing an hour of her life she feels increasingly off-balance. However, a visit from a strange man prompts her to reclaim her lost hour, leading Lisa on a surreal and fantasy-filled journey through Dissocia, a world inhabited by a ragtag blend of colorful, humorous, friendly, brutal, and unsettling beings. But is it the hour that needs saving, or Lisa herself?

by Anthony Neilson
with Chloe Brooks, Cole Edick, Geoffrey Binney, Sara Rosenburg, Xue (Snow) Dong, Alona Bach, Eli Schleicher, Kier ZImmerman, and Joshuah Campbell
sets | Kat Nakaji
lights | Kat Zhou
costumes | Gussie Roc & Tallulah Axinn
sound | Jake Stepansky
Loeb Mainstage @ American Repertory Theater, April 2016
Photos by Allison Chang